Episode 1.1
Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 15 November 1995
Previous You're at the first episode
Next Episode 1.2

Episode 1.1 refers to the first episode of the first series of The Queen's Nose (TV series) which was broadcast on CBBC for the first time on the 15 November 1995.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Harmony Parker is a twelve year old girl, she is obsessed with animals. She and her best friend, Tom, have set up an amateur veterinary practice in a small tent in her back garden yet her parents will not allow her to have a pet.

However, hopes of a pet are in sight when Harmony's eccentric and mysterious Uncle Ginger pays her family a brief visit and leaves her with a deceptively normal looking fifty-pence piece. Harmony soon discovers (through deciphering the riddles with Tom) that the coin possesses wish granting powers and learns through the course of the series to be careful what she wishes for.

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