Episode 1.3
Series 01, Episode 03
Air Date 29 November 1995
Previous Episode 1.2
Next Episode 1.4

Episode 1.3 is the third episode of the first series of the show, which was first broadcast on CBBC for the first time, 29 November 1995.

Summary Edit

Chaos is caused when Mrs. Parker wants to spend Harmony's magic 50 pence piece on the stamp press machine. Harmony, in a bout of quick thinking, wishes to get the coin back somehow. She attempts to do so by annoying her mother, but this just angers her. In a flurry of a temper Audry Parker throws it at Harmony just as Gregory opens the front door. This causes it to roll down the front path and fall into the drain. Whilst Gregory asks for her older sister Melody, she assumes he is her new boyfriend and comments on him being "less nerdy than the other three." He looks visibly surprised and only becomes more so when she begins to strip him of his tie and belt. She uses them to retrieve her coin from the drain and returns them to him after his trousers have fallen down. After Harmony has successfully recovered it, she wishes for a bike. However, with the bike comes other things and the results leave Harmony in the doghouse with the rest of the Parker household.