Episode 3.1
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 18 November 1998
Previous Episode 2.6
Next Episode 3.2

Episode 3.1 refers to the first episode of the third series of The Queen's Nose, which was first broadcast on 30 Aug 2008.

Summary Edit

Children's drama series about a 14-year-old girl who is given a magical coin that makes all her dreams come true.

Harmony and Melody parents are in America and so they are living with their Aunt Glenda on a canal barge, uncomfortably close to Grobbler, a scrap metal merchant, and his revolting son Gus.

Harmony discovers Dino, a cheeky young tearabout, secretly living in the hold. Dino has found Harmony's magic 50p coin but she refuses to believe that it is able to grant her wishes.