Harmony Parker (Portrayed by Victoria Shalet) is the main character of the first couple of series, later becoming a minor character when the coin at the heart of the show gets passed on.

She appears in both the book series as well as the Television series as the first person to receive the magical 50 pence coin, that grants a persons wishes when rubbed. She is appears in series 1–6 of the show.

The series follows Harmony, and her family and friends, as she learns the ins and outs of having her wishes granted, which don't always work out how she wants them.

Character[edit | edit source]

Hermiony is a young British girl who lives with her parents, Audrey and Arthur Parker, amd her sister Melody. She lives an ordinary life until her adventurer Uncle Ginger gives her a gift that turns out to be a special wish granting 50 pence piece.

She always wanted a pet and in time acquires one (through means of her first wish). First she gets a rabbit, who she names Anita, in the pilot episode (...) and then she gets a dog, who she names Lucky, from her Uncle Ginger in the last episode of the first season (...). In the first episode of the second season her father has lost his job and they are forced to move in with ... (her Grandmother and Audrey's mother).

To make the move possible she has to leave her pets behind, so she entrusts her best friend Tom to look after them. In that very same episode, not long after they moved in, she finds a hamster in a box and names him Monty. (It seems as though each wish keeps renewing itself, unless it is reversed. I.E. She loses Anita and Lucky, gaining Monty, she also regained another bike after the first got broken when she was hit by a truck.)

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